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Updated as of January 18, 2022

This page is updated the first and third Wednesday of every month with news and report release information. For a schedule of report releases, please see our Report Calendar.

Recently Released to the Public


  • The Annual Education Report displays detailed information on student assessment, accountability, educator qualifications, National Assessment of Educational Progress, and Section 1003 School Improvement funds for schools, districts, and the state.

  • The Early Childhood Program Participation report shows the number of children enrolled in certain early childhood programs prior to kindergarten.

  • Financial information reports include district and statewide expenditure, revenue, fund balance and balance sheet data. Additionally, the District Financial Transparency Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of district finances, including up to five years of trend information.

  • The following items on the English Learner Dashboard have been updated:
    • The English Learners Exited from English Learner Services metric shows how many students exited from EL services during the most recent school year.
    • The Former English Learner Students metric shows a cumulative count of all students at the selected location who exited from EL services since 2011-12.
    • Length of Time Receiving English Learner Services shows the median number of years students were enrolled in EL services before exiting. This metric is also on the Parent Dashboard and has been updated there.

Recently Released in Preview


  • Data showing the number and percent of 3rd, 8th and 11th grade students who were proficient on the M-STEP, PSAT and SAT and were identified as “Section 31a At Risk” will be updated in the At Risk Student report. Data will be publicly available within a week.

  • The Top 30/Bottom 30 Analysis report shows information on students who score in the top 30%, middle 40% and bottom 30% on state tests. The data are broken out into multiple subgroups including race/ethnicity, gender, grade, and program participation, which identifies if a student is economically disadvantaged, an English learner, homeless, or disabled. Data will be publicly available within a week.

​Coming Soon 

Fall 2022

  • The number of Michigan public high school graduates who enrolled in a college or university within 48 months of high school graduation is shown in the College Enrollment by High School report. Data will be released in preview and will be publicly available after a week.

  • The College Enrollment Destination report shows which colleges and universities Michigan public high school students enrolled in within 48 months of high school graduation by school or district, and by graduation year. Data will be released in preview and will be publicly available after a week.

  • The Postsecondary Student Data File allows users with secure access to view student-level information on college enrollment, coursework, cumulative credits, program and award information, and GPAs for students from in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities. Data will be released for secure, logged-in users only.


  • The CTE Programs Offered report contains an interactive map showing the locations of Career and Technical Education programs offered in Michigan. Users can search for CTE programs by location or by specific CTE program.

  • The English Learner Student Growth report shows how much growth English learner students made in learning the English language in comparison to their EL peers, as measured across two consecutive years of the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs.

  • The School-Level Expenditure Report breaks down expenditures of federal, state and local funds for public schools. Users can compare expenditures at county, city, ISD, district or school levels.

  • Head Start, GSRP and GSRP/Head Start Blend providers with secure accounts can use the Third Grade Assessment Outcomes for Early Childhood Participants report to see how students who were previously enrolled in their programs performed on third grade M-STEP assessments.

  • The following items on the Parent Dashboard will be updated:
    • English Learner Participation shows whether at least 95% of English learner students took the WIDA test.
    • English Learner Progress shows the percent of EL students who, based on improvement in their WIDA test scores, are on track to being proficient in English within three years.
    • On-Track Attendance shows the percent of students who miss fewer than 10% of possible attendance days.
    • Percent of Graduates from High School who are Proficient on the SAT can be used in predicting success at a college or university.
    • Progress shows the percent of students on track to becoming proficient on the SAT, PSAT, M-STEP and/or MI-Access state tests, or who are already proficient and continue to improve their scores.
    • Test Participation shows whether at least 95% of enrolled students took state tests in all subjects.

2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22

  • The Enrolling and Passing Coursework metric on the Parent Dashboard shows the percent of students who enrolled in and passed advanced courses including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Career and Technical Education, Early Middle College and Dual Enrollment classes. The Advanced Coursework metric on the Parent Dashboard Overview contains the same data and will also be updated.

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